Published On: Wed, Jan 29th, 2014

Local kids get more than just kicks out of Taekwondo

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HARTINGTON — Sure, breaking boards with your hands and feet is cool.

Learning to properly perform a round house kick is a pretty impressive feat, too.

Taekwondo is much more than that though.

People may take taekwondo to learn self-defense, but being in the class also helps students develop other valuable skills, said local instrucor Jon Trefz.

Trefz, who has been a taekwondo instructor for 25 years, teaches classes at REPS in Hartington.

He said one of the most important skills students learn is self-discipline.

The class requires students to stay on task and remain focused.

“They learn the value of self-discipline and then can take that and apply it to other areas of their life,” he said.

One of the most telling aspects is in the classroom.

Taekwonda students often do better in school than other students, said Trefz.

And this is not exclusive just to taekwondo, but includes other forms of martial arts, too.

REPS started offering the taekwondo class about seven years ago, according to current owner Russell Flamig.

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