Published On: Wed, Nov 23rd, 2011

Local Food Pantry hands out Holiday blessings

HARTINGTON — Young people in the Hartington area have shown a giving spirit during the Thanksgiving holiday.
Over 30 boxes filled with grocery items and paper goods were handed out last week in an effort to help families and individuals have a “Happy Thanksgiving.”
On the evening of Nov. 16 over a dozen junior and senior students, from Holy Trinity Church’s C.C.D. education class, showed up at the Food Pantry in Hartington to help fill boxes and make deliveries.

Cans of cranberry sauce, stove top stuffing, pumpkin pie filling, evaporated milk, pie crusts, fruit, soup, vegetables, fruit, tuna, spaghettios, ravioli along with boxes of macaroni and cheese, Hamburger Helper, Jell-O, pudding and other items were packed into Thanksgiving boxes.
Turkeys were added to the boxes that were delivered to families, and ham and cheese plates went into the boxes for individuals.
CCD students Taylor Dybdal and Myranda Fischer were happy to have the chance to help others.
Dybdal had assisted with delivering boxes from the Food Pantry before.
“It is a good thing to do. Some people don’t have jobs and some don’t have a lot  of money,” Dybdal said.

Myranda Fischer thought filling the boxes was an easy task with all the students that were helping.
“The hardest thing is being able to put the items in the box so it looks nice,” Fischer said.
Thanksgiving boxes were filled to the brim and drivers Ronnie Lammers, Haley Christensen and Lee Carl, who are C.C.D. god parents, helped the kids make the deliveries that reach all areas in the county.
The shelves in the Food Pantry were overflowing with items that had been donated.
Through an “Acts of Kindness” project kindergarten through sixth grade students at Hartington Public had also recently made a large donation of food and other items to the Food Pantry.
“They brought in boxes of food – with close to 600 items,” said Alice Pommer, one of the coordinators for the Food Pantry. “The floor in the Food Pantry was covered with boxes of food.”
Just ahead of Halloween the C.C.D. high school students went door to door “trick or treating” for donations that were given to the Food Pantry.
People were very supportive of the food drive, according to Myranda Fischer who had helped gather the donations.
“We went door-to-door. Some of the people were not home but a lot of people were  willing to help. Some of them would give us bags or boxes of food,” Fischer said.
The Food Pantry was formed under the Cedar County Community Caretakers.
Carole Nordby, Jean Yates, and Pommer act as the coordinators for the Food Pantry.
Lifeline and Hospice are also under the CCCC.