Published On: Wed, Jan 29th, 2014

Hot Commodity

HARTINGTON — To purchase area agricultural land, farmers may need to ensure they are on the waiting list.

“The demand for land is exceedingly strong, but there is not as much land on the market right now,” attorney Craig Monson said. “I have people coming into my office every week wondering if we have any farm real estate for sale or if we know of any farm real estate for sale because there is such a high demand for it.”

At the Monson and Holloway Law office in Laurel, Monson has a waiting list of farmers to contact if land comes up for sale.

He and other local experts are expecting land values to remain high for the time being because of the high demand for it, despite the uncertainty coming from the commodity market right now.

Cedar County agricultural land is still selling for as much as $8,000 per acre for dry-land farm ground and $10,000 an acre for irrigated land, Monson said.

The price per acre for agricultural land has leveled off some since commodity prices lowered, Monson said. But, additional increases may be in the near future.

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