Published On: Wed, Feb 29th, 2012

Hish throws his hat in ring for City Council

HARTINGTON —  Joe Hish wants to give back to the city that means so much to him.
Hish hopes to do just that by filing for a seat on the Hartington City Council.
“This town has given me so much,” Hish said. “My heritage is here – I want to give back.”
Hish believes his past experience working with industry may be a valuable asset if he is elected to the Council.

“This is a progressive city – I am proud of it,” Hish said. “I spent 21 years on active duty with the military and then I went into industry. I was vice-president of a large corporation. I worked for them for close to 20 years.”
Hish is proud of the many accomplishments that have taken place with the churches, schools and the community through the last years.
“I have heard a lot of good things,” Hish said. “When other teams and coaches come to town they have made some good comments about Hartington.”

Hish grew up and graduated from high school in Hartington in 1946 when Cedar Catholic was still known as Holy Trinity. Ten days later he joined the military and continued to serve in the U.S. Air Force for twenty-one years.

Before his retirement from the military, Hish was offered a job with a corporation in Vancouver, WA. Later on he began working for a corporation located in Maryland just outside of Washington D.C. He was soon appointed vice-president of the company.
Hish made a trip back to his home town in 1983 for the Hartington Centennial celebration. Seven years later he moved back to Hartington for good.
After moving back to his hometown, Hish began helping out with various things at the school. Hish has continued in his strong support of the athletics at Cedar Catholic which earned him the name of “Trojan Joe”.
“I grew up here when some of the streets were nothing but dirt,” Hish said. “I truly love this town, this state and this country.”
Hish has served as a member of the Airport Authority Board for the Hartington Municipal Airport.

Hish said he is ready to get involved with the local city government.
“I am still young at heart and in mind,” Hish said. “I want to give back.”
Hish will face incumbent Deb Addison, who have both filed for the seat in the south ward. They will meet in the General Election in November. Addison has served on the City Council since January, 2009.