Published On: Wed, Nov 6th, 2013

Hartington student actors trying to repeat as state champions

HARTINGTON  — Another Hartington Public One Act season is underway, and the directors and students are hoping to be as successful as they were last year.

Last year, the students earned the C2 State One Act title with their performance of “Ug, The Caveman Musical.”

This year the students will perform “The Perils of Lulu,” written by William Gleason, which they performed many years ago.

“We don’t usually do plays we’ve done before, but this one fit the cast,” said Hartington Public One Act Director, Linda Kathol.

The story follows Lulu Barnes (Savannah Scoville) who is caught up in an incredible series of events while delivering a bag of goodies to her granny.

The sweet and innocent Lulu’s errand of mercy is complicated by every imaginable disaster.

Though the school performed this play years ago, A.J. Johnson, who is helping direct, said they are putting a new spin on it.

“The basic story is the same but the way we are doing it is quite a bit different,” he said.

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