Published On: Thu, Dec 27th, 2007

Hartington sees improvements thanks to donations

HARTINGTON — Donations have made a difference in Hartington.
Over $65,000 was donated in the last 18 months for two local projects.
The purchase of the $100 engraved bricks for the fountain at Felber Park, donated labor, services and materials, as well as a grant, all contributed to the fund-raising efforts.
The two projects receiving the various donations include the Felber Park Enhancement project that received $56,500 in donations and the new Community Complex road landscaping project, which received $9,367 in donations.
Combined, the two projects cost a total of $78,735. Of that, 84 percent of the total cost, $65,967, was contributed by donors and a grant, with the city of Hartington picking up the remaining cost of $12,768.

“The support of the community residents, past residents and our local Hartington business community was simply terrific,” said Dan Kathol, who coordinated the fund raising on both projects. “The city had limited funds in the budget to put forth against both projects and the community stepped forward to help make them a reality,”
Kathol said both improvement projects are over 95 percent complete with the balance of the work to be completed this spring when the weather breaks.
At Felber Park, the stone pillars at the north entrance to the park need to be added as well as the remaining landscaping around the water fountain.
At the Complex, some additional bushes will be added, as well as flowers planted and lights added to the new welcome signs located at both entrances.
Future plans include a lighted flag pole at the south entrance of the Complex and installing the remaining white fencing along the east side of the new road and some additional trees and bushes when funding for these additions becomes available.

“Hartington has both a great park and athletic complex and with these improvement projects they both just got better thanks to a number of generous people and businesses,” Kathol said.
A Thank You ad, recognizing all those who contributed toward the two projects, appears on page six of this issue.