Published On: Wed, Sep 18th, 2013

Hartington School Board seeks fewer taxpayer dollars

HARTINGTON — The Hartington Public School Board will be asking for a little less from taxpayers this year.

Though the overall budget is $221,271 higher, taxpayers are only going to have to pay out $4,056,581.78 compared to $4,625,716.12 last year.

Hartington Public School Board members discussed the budget at a hearing held prior to the regular meeting Monday, then approved it later the same evening.

Supt. Randy Anderson first briefly reviewed each page of the budget handout.

Then, another handout was provided that summarized it into five categories: valuation, state aid, total tax request, tax levy and general fund expenditures.

The handout showed the valuation figure increasing by nearly $87 million to $661,861,417.

This increase in valuation is one reason for the tax request total being lower this year.

“That is almost a 24 percent reduction in the amount of taxes that we are asking from taxpayers this year versus last year,” he said. “That is significant.”

Another number that has dropped over the past five years is the tax levy, according to the handout.

For the 2009-10 school year the levy was set at .896005. Since then, it has dropped a little bit each year.

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