Published On: Wed, Feb 29th, 2012

Hartington Public School considers technology grant

HARTINGTON — School Board members took steps to ensure students will have the latest technology for their education at Hartington Public.
Board members intend on participating in a Nebraska Technology Cooperative.
The Cooperative will move forward if an adequate number of schools agree to work in a joint effort to secure funds through bonds.
The Hartington School would establish a $100,000 bond. The funds would have to be used for technology.

The bond amount can be excluded from expenditures in the regular budgeting lid according to Supt. Randy Anderson.
“With the school district’s valuation the cost to taxpayers would be minimal,” Anderson said. “The bond would be paid off in one year.”
The money would have to be used within one year after the bond is in place.
“This is a tremendous opportunity for the students and the schools. The computer labs would be upgraded. New technology can be incorporated into the school,” Anderson said. “It would be a jump forward for student learning.”
Board members voted to move ahead with an opportunity to expand the technology bandwidth for the district and save money at the same time.
Currently, the school is paying $2,997 per month for 40 mg internet service. The school can increase its bandwidth amount to 100 mg for monthly payments of $2,603 per month.
“This is a savings of $394,” Anderson said. “The larger bandwidth is important with the expansion of technology.”

The administrative staff at the school wants to put a plan in place to help students start preparing for a future career.
“Classes for high school students should be geared to prepare them for the career path they choose,” Anderson said. “Instead of just taking general courses, we need to help the students select courses that would be in conjunction with the career they will have down the road. We will be talking to the freshman students about the courses they will be taking. This will become more and more successful as time goes on.”
Plans are being put in place to meet with both the students and the parents.

A Grab-N-Go breakfast for students will be implemented at the school.
A healthy breakfast choice will be available for students to grab and eat.
“There will not be a lot of food choices – it would be kept simple and the price would be kept as low as possible,” Anderson said. “An education program would be done for the parents. They would know the food choices that would be available and be told the amount it would cost.”
Anderson wants the Grab-N-Go breakfast to be in place by the end of school year and have it available at the start of the next school year.
According to Anderson a lot of students come to school without eating breakfast.
Board member Brenda Steiner sits on the committee that has been working on the plan.
“Teachers have noticed a definite improvement in grades for students who eat breakfast,” Steiner said. “It would work well for the athletes and other students who are at school early.”

Board members approved the proposed 2012-13 school calendar.
“It is basically the same as this year’s calendar,” Anderson said.
Graduation Day in the spring of 2013 would be May 4. The last day of school would be May 10.
The next school board meeting will be held at 6 p.m., March 19.