Published On: Wed, May 8th, 2013

Grindvold turns wood-working projects into art

HARTINGTON — John Grindvold doesn’t let retirement or his age keep him from working.

Grindvold, 93, who had lived on a farm northwest of Hartington all of his life until he moved into Hartington 31 years ago, keeps finding things to do.

“It’s best to keep doing things – if you can,” Grindvold said.

Grindvold had started doing some woodworking while he was still living on the farm and he now has a workshop in the basement of his house in town.

He has completed a number of woodworking projects for his home, his family and for others. A lot of hours have been put in on some of his projects.

Grindvold does not seek any special credit for any of his projects.

“I am not an expert, I just enjoy doing it,” he said.

Grindvold has crafted a variety of small tables, several fern stands, shelves, wooden angels, a spoon rack, book case with cabinet area below, a large grandfather clock that sits in his living room, along with several other items.

“I use a lot of hard wood – walnut or oak,” Grindvold said.

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