Published On: Thu, Jan 30th, 2014

Flamig to serve as NECC regional coordinator

HARTINGTON — The K-12 principal at Hartington Public Schools has been hired as the new part-time regional coordinator for Northeast Community College in the Cedar County community. Russell Flamig will begin his new duties this summer. The Hartington Board of Education accepted his resignation Monday night.

In August 2013, the Hartington City Council agreed to provide the College office space and utilities in the Hartington City Office building, 107 W. State Street, in an effort to enhance Northeast’s presence in Cedar and Knox counties. Flamig will be charged with identifying course, program and training needs in the region, facilitating student support services, and representing Northeast Community College at meetings and other events.

“I have spoken with a number people and I have heard nothing but positive comments about Northeast’s interest in our area,” Flamig said. “I’m excited about the challenge of the job and I’m really looking forward to starting my new career with Northeast Community College.”

Wayne Erickson, dean of institutional advancement at Northeast, is pleased that Flamig will be the new regional coordinator. “His enthusiasm, initiative, involvement, and connections to Hartington and the surrounding area will provide a springboard to the success of the Northeast Community College regional office. Russell and I share some of the same goals for the regional office in Hartington, including the desire to see the presence of the College grow.”

According to the Cedar County News, Chris Miller, president of the Hartington Economic Development Board, said Northeast’s presence in Hartington will be beneficial not only to residents and businesses in Hartington, but to all those in Cedar County and the region. “It really is a positive thing that they are looking at Hartington,” Miller said.

Flamig, who has served as the principal at Hartington Public School since 2006, has 24 years of experience as an administrator. He was with Humphrey Public Schools for nine years and with Litchfield Public Schools for seven years. In addition, Flamig taught for eight years, six in Colorado and two in Monroe, Neb.

He has several connections to the Hartington/Cedar County area. In addition to being a business owner, he serves on the boards of the Hartington Chamber of Commerce, Hartington Community Foundation and the Cedar County Agriculture Society.

In his role on the Cedar County Ag. Society Board, which is responsible for organizing and operating the Cedar County Fair, Flamig has been responsible for generating annual contributions of $45,000 through Cedar County businesses.

Dr. Michael Chipps, Northeast president, acknowledges that this is an underserved area in the College’s 20-county service area. “The Board of Governors has emphasized rural revitalization as a vital component in meeting the needs of our constituents.  Hartington is eager for additional services and is deserving of having more of a presence from the College,” Chipps said. “We are grateful for the community’s willingness to work with us in providing office space so Mr. Flamig can help us identify course, program and training opportunities to meet the needs in the region. We are looking forward to a wonderful partnership with the residents of Cedar and Knox counties.”

In addition to its main campus in Norfolk, Northeast Community College presently has extended campus locations at the College Center in South Sioux City, in West Point and in O’Neill. The College is currently in the process of raising $2.8 million for a new extended campus facility in O’Neill.

Flamig said, “I’m excited about the course and program opportunities with this endeavor. I have seen what O’Neill, South Sioux City and West Point have done. Why can’t we do that here? I think it’s possible.”