Published On: Wed, May 15th, 2013

Emergency responders find great fulfillment

HARTINGTON — Like mothers, an emergency responder’s work is never done.

They must be ready for anything, which explains why a significant amount of time must be invested in earning and maintaining their certification.

Yet, if you were any member of the volunteer Hartington squad, their response would likely be, that putting in this time means they can help those in serious need.

“As a EMT, you get satisfaction from being able to help someone else in an emergency situation. You are providing a service to the community,” said Hartington EMT Mark Addison.

Carol Hamilton has served as paramedic for the Hartington EMT squad for more than nine years and is currently president of the squad.

Hamilton, a Bow Valley native, attended class one night a week for nine months locally and completed her EMT diploma in 1999, which is about 110 hours.

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