Published On: Wed, Feb 22nd, 2012

Downtown Revitalization project gets green light


HARTINGTON — Hartington City Council moved ahead with the Downtown Revitalization Project and discussed the possibility of making an application for funds through a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant.

Troy Johnston, from JEO Consulting, Wahoo, presented a contract agreement for the Down Town Revitalization Project to the board members.

The Revitalization project includes street construction, sidewalks and lighting on Broadway Street from Franklin Street to Main Street and six blocks of construction of a new water line.

“The contract covers everything from the beginning of the project down to the end of the project,” Johnston said.

It could take three months for the design to be completed. The bidding phase could take place in July

“The construction period would be approximately five to six months – from start to finish,” Johnston said.

Hartington has been awarded a Community Development Block Grant in the amount of $350,000 for the revitalization plan. The grant would require a 25 percent match by the City. Funds for the match will be taken from money that has been received from the city sales tax.

The CDBG deadline date for the project to be completed is Oct. 31, 2013.

The City of Hartington has an opportunity to apply for grant funds through FEMA according to Cedar County Emergency Director Kevin Garvin.

“It would be a 75/25 percent cost share,” Garvin said.

City Council members discussed the possibility of constructing a safe room at the Community Complex.

Dakota City and the Ponca Public School have constructed safe rooms through FEMA funds.

Board members also talked about combining the construction of the safe room with bathrooms and a storage area at the Complex.

“The safe room would have to meet other FEMA requirements,” Garvin said.

A design and engineering plan will have to be completed before the application is made.

Hartington Economic Development Coordinator Carla Becker will do the work on the application if board members decide to move ahead with the paper work.

“The applications are very lengthy, in-depth and time-consuming to complete,” Garvin said. “The sooner the application is in the better chance of getting funds. The deadline is the middle of August.”

Board members will do some research and make a decision on the grant application at a later date.

The city will also look at filing a separate application for FEMA funds to help with the cost of the flood control project for the city.

Council members placed their approval on a building permit and a permit for a sign.

Roman Sudbeck’s permit involves an addition which will be added above the garage.


Heine Electric and Irrigation will move a sign to a new location along Hwy 57/Robinson Ave.

“The sign will be further off the highway than it was before,” Zoning Administrator Leroy Hansen said.

In other action board members appointed Dirk Dailey to serve on the Hartington Fire Department.

An application for a Special Designated Liquor License was approved for the Cedar Catholic Gala.