Published On: Wed, Jan 22nd, 2014

Discussion with Ponca slows merger talks

HARTINGTON — A petition  is currently going around as a measure to throw the breaks on the possible merger proceedings between Hartington and Newcastle schools.

The Hartington Public School Board discussed the matter Monday.

“What we are waiting for now is to see what the Ponca, Newcastle proceedings are going to produce,” said Hartington Public School Supt. Randy Anderson.

Basically members of the Ponca community are hoping they can persuade Newcastle to reconsider their proposed merger with Hartington Public and instead develop a plan with them, according to Hartington Public School Principal Russ Flamig.

In the past few years, Newcastle, like many other school districts in Nebraska, has struggled with declining enrollment numbers.

School Board members from Hartington and Newcastle have been talking for the past several months. Newcastle Supt. Joey Lefdal said the Boards have been discussing the legalities surrounding the merger of the two schools.

Anderson suggested to the Board that in the mean time, while waiting for these proceedings, he could contact their Committee to set up another meeting.

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