Published On: Sat, Aug 23rd, 2008

Deputy Takes On Dream Job


HARTINGTON— A life-long dream was fulfilled for Chad Claussen when he recently joined the Cedar County Sheriff’s Dept.
The new Deputy has enjoyed his first few months on the job. After graduating from Northeast Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement in May of 2007, Claussen was excited to become part of the force.
“It’s a great office here,” he said. “And the people are really friendly.”
Claussen grew up in Carroll. His parents are Keith and Cindy Claussen. He then moved to Laurel, where he is currently living with his fiancee Jen Oetken, from Emerson.
He interviewed for the position and Sheriff Larry Koranda said he had all the intangibles.

“He’s well qualified and ready to go,” Koranda said.
Claussen said he is looking forward to learning a lot from Koranda.
“Larry’s a great boss,” he said. “Very knowledgeable and great for the community.”
Claussen said his favorite part of the job is the people he gets to see everyday.
“I like being out, dealing with the public,” he said. “This county has a lot of good people.”
Since he has become Deputy, Claussen has seen many different violations of the law.
“A lot of speeding,” he laughed, “but a real wide range of just about everything.”
Claussen said his fiancee worries about him, but he has been trained to deal with most anything, and said it is fairly safe.
“You’re trained to be as safe as you can,” he said.
But Claussen’s training didn’t end with the classes in 2007.  He will attend training at the law enforcement academy in Grand Island to further insure his and others’ safety.

“(They teach you how to) handle a weapon, defensive driving skills, and just all the fun stuff,” he said.

He will also attend class sessions describing laws and the correct way to enforce them.
“It’s going to be an interesting 14 weeks,” he said.
Until he leaves for his training, Claussen will be patroling the highways and making the county a safe place.
Claussen said he hopes to stay in Cedar County throughout his career in law enforcement.
“I really like the smaller communities,” he said. “I hope to stay in this area and work my way up.