Published On: Thu, Mar 27th, 2008

County workers aid Museum

HARTINGTON  —  The Cedar County Historical Society Museum got some much needed help from the county recently.
County workers joined with Cedar County Historical Society members for spring cleaning last week.
Workers from the three Cedar County road department districts all rolled up their sleeves and offered their help.

“The Commissioners got the guys lined up,” said Gloria Vogle. “Norman and I were just there to guide them. They did the work.”
Charlie Vogle and Austin along with Walker Anderson from Coleridge also were on hand to help.
Commissioner Dave McGregor said a few of the road crew members spent a couple of days at the Museum ahead of the ‘moving day’.
Workers from all three districts helped move a variety of items from the basement of the house into the exhibit hall located just east of the house. A few items were taken to the carriage house.
Old washing machines, kitchen cabinets, tables, separators, old-time vacuums along with bird mounts, a buffalo head and an arrowhead collection were just some of the Nebraska heritage items handled by the work crew.
“It is our history; it is unique,” said McGregor. “I hope people take the time to go see it.”
“It was all stuff that had been donated to the Historical Society through the years,” said Vogle. “It had to be moved; people could not see it in the basement because of the access. The steps down to the basement are terrible.”
The collectibles and antiques were organized and arranged in order at the new location.
The work crew also did some extra cleaning at the carriage house and the exhibit hall.
“It was vacuumed from top to bottom,” said Vogle. “They did a good job – we were well satisfied.”
The Historical Society had approached the Cedar County Commissioners earlier and asked for help.
“It is a county museum,” said Vogle. “All of our members are getting older. We have a hard time doing everything.”
McGregor said the men seemed to enjoy helping out at the Museum.
“A lot of them had never been through the Museum before,” said McGregor. “I think they felt they had accomplished something for Cedar County when they were done.”
The Cedar County Historical Museum is located at 304 West Franklin in Hartington.
The 40’ by 60’ exhibit hall was built in 1995 as the museum was bursting at the seams with items to display.

The exhibit hall also houses antique machinery and horse drawn buggies along with Hartington’s first fire engine and a restored Model T and some antique newspaper printing equipment.
The original museum was built as a private home in 1900 and was donated in 1964 to the county to be used as a museum by the A.K. Lammers daughters.
The museum complex also includes a genuine log cabin and a carriage house.