Published On: Wed, May 29th, 2013

Construction crews laying new pipe


HARTINGTON — Construction crews are makin’ their way to Broadway.

Broadway Street that is. Crews from several different companies around the area have been working together on the Downtown Revitalization project in Hartington for the past three weeks and are steadily moving toward the business district.

For the past week, crews have been installing 12-inch water main, which can handle a larger water capacity and more pressure. Installation of the piping at the intersection of Bow Street and Madison was finished last Friday.

“We’re trying to button up or keep things cleaned up as we come through and that sets a precedent as work proceeds into the downtown area,” said Dale Bohac, JEO Consulting Group, Inc., who is overseeing the project.

Once completed, pressure and bacteriological tests must be done before they can be hooked back into the city water system. As of last Wednesday, Bohac said they are a couple weeks out from being able to do so.

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