Published On: Wed, May 7th, 2014

Cold, rain not a problem for area farmers

HARTINGTON — Last week brought with it colder temperatures and some welcome moisture, bringing planting to a temporary halt.

Farmer Rod Flaugh, who farms southwest of Hartington, said he is not worried about the delay.

“In this country it’s far better off if you have to wait to plant because it’s too wet than if you have to wait to plant because it’s too dry,” he said.

The area around here has good drainage, as well, which means farmers can be in the field not long after it rains, Flaugh added. “I’ve never worried about it being too wet.”

As of last Wednesday, half of Flaugh’s corn was already planted, and it was all germinating and starting to sprout.

Flaugh said the cold did not bother him too much either. The new hybrids that are used now can survive in cold temperatures like what we saw last week, he said.

“I wonder about it, but I don’t lay awake at nights … I’d be lying if I said I didn’t worry at all. There’s always that concern,” he said.

The planting season is still in its early stages though, and if things do not work out, Flaugh said he could replant a field in a week or two if needed. However, since 1987, Flaugh has only replanted one time, and he said he probably did not even really need to do it then.

The first 48 hours after planting are the critical ones for the seed, according to Flaugh. That is when cold water can really stunt a seed’s growth.

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