Published On: Wed, Mar 5th, 2008

City sales tax brings in funds

HARTINGTON —   The city of Hartington is seeing the results of a city sales tax that voters put into effect last year.
Sales tax collected during the months of October, November and December have now been received.

The city received an average close to $15,000 per month for the first three months since business’ started collecting the new one percent city sales tax.
The Department of Revenue deposits the funds on a monthly basis directly into the city’s bank account.

“It takes a couple of months before we get it,” said City Clerk Crystal Lenzen. “We just received the tax from December.”
Sales tax in the amount of six and one-half percent is currently being collected on taxable items in the city of Hartington, according to Lenzen.
One percent is a city sales tax and five and one-half percent goes to the state sales tax.
Each business is responsible to submit the total tax to the Department of Revenue. That department then reimburses the city their portion.

The Department of Revenue breaks the total amount of city sales tax collected into two amounts before forwarding it to Hartington.

One portion goes directly to an account for city streets. The city splits the remaining amount with five percent going toward bond debt, 35 percent goes to Hartington Economic Development and the city general fund gets the remaining 60 percent.
Hartington has now received the following amounts from the city sales tax:

Month    total amount    to city streets    balance to be split
Oct     $13,182.66           $   954.86             $12,227.80
Nov    $14,028.64           $1,405.10             $12,623.54
Dec    $17,030.20           $1,633.38             $15,396.82