Published On: Wed, Aug 27th, 2008

City Council Scrutinzes Budget

HARTINGTON — The Hartington City Council continued to look for cuts as they tried Monday to prepare the new fiscal budget.
Council members looked at budget figures for streets, water, a new police car, equipment for the Fire Department, improvements at the park and funds for economic development before shaving off $83,000 from the proposed figures that were reviewed at the last budget workshop.

City auditor Mike Pommer told the board members the city budget and dollar amounts look a lot better than last year at this time.
“A year ago we were dealing with a shortfall. This year has gone very well for you — you are looking at being on the surplus side and I don’t expect any big expenditures in the next few months,” said Pommer. “On Sept 30, you should be in pretty good shape.”
A public budget hearing will be held Sept. 8.
Tim Loberg asked Council members to attend a Baseball and Softball Association meeting Monday, Sept 1.

“We are looking at making improvements at Felber Park. We are considering taking out the chain link fence – it is pretty beat up,” said Loberg. “Would you meet with us and give us some ideas as to what we can do?”
Some of the board members agreed to attend the meeting although there may not be any extra city funds available from this year’s budget, they advised.

“The budget has been cut back and there would be no extra money right now,” said Councilman Tim Burbach.
The Hartington Board of Health, which includes the mayor, a council member, law enforcement officer and a medical doctor, asked the City Council to consider Lot 12, Block 16, Orig. Town of Hartington to be a public nuisance and a health hazard.  The property is at 401 N. Lemon.
A notice will be sent to the owner of the property and a public hearing will be held, according to City Attorney Steve Pier.
It was noted the City of Hartington will have an entry in the parade for the 150th celebration at St. Helena on Sunday.
In other action, the board gave approval for George Feilmeier to build a storage shed behind his house. No action was taken on two other permits that were listed on the agenda —one of them for construction of a Crossroads Communication cell phone tower.
Prior to the Council meeting a hearing was held for a zoning change from residential two to residential three for Lot 6, Block 63, Orig. Town.
Wintz Funeral Home made the request which would allow for a parking lot for the funeral home.