Published On: Wed, May 7th, 2014

City adds two more lots to their land inventory

HARTINGTON — The Hartington City Council has added some land to their inventory after accepting a donation at their meeting April 28.

The donation came from Dorothy Elders, a former resident of the area who now lives in California, who inquired as to whether the city would like two lots of land located on Block 16, Lot 3 and Lot 4.

This is on Aberley Street north of the Elm Street intersection.

City Clerk Crystal Lenzen said Elders called several weeks ago saying she would like to donate some land to the city.

Currently, the two lots do not have any buildings on them but do have a few trees.

There are no leans or assessments on the property and the taxes have all been paid.

When talking with Lenzen, Elders offered a few ideas of what it could be used for such as a place to hold recreational youth activities.

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