Published On: Thu, Mar 20th, 2008

Ladies have started own Q125 groups

HARTINGTON — It’s time for women of all ages to exercise the Women’s rights that our ancestors fought so hard to give us. We can’t let the men have more fun than us.
The local men have formed many Chapters for Brothers of the Brush. So Ladies, it’s time for us to join in the fun. An informational and organizational meeting will be held Thursday March 20 at 6:30 p.m. at the Hartington Library.

Back by popular demand, Foxy & the Humdingers (in mint condition) are making a comeback.
We’re all busy figuring out how to make our outfits, fit. Somehow they fit just a little different than they did 25 years ago.
The newest Chapters modeling after the Humdingers is the Young Dingers, formed by Dawn Noecker and the Teeny Dingers, headed by Karly Noecker. And don’t forget the Little Belles and Little Shavers with Diane Anderson.
The Temperance Group is re-forming, ready to challenge the Humdingers. Twenty-five years ago, Temperance challenged Humdingers to a Card Tournament, Losers had to sweep the streets of Hartington. The Temperance group did a good job of sweeping, but the Humdingers cheered them on.
Challenging other groups, gets a lot of people joining in the fun. But you can just get together and play cards, bowl, drink sarsaparilla (The Humdingers drink of choice). However, if you drink sarsaparilla, the Temperance Group may have something to say about that.
Of course, we’ll be joining the Brothers of the Brush on their caravans promoting the Hartington’s Q-125 Centennial, much to Jimmy Anderson’s protests.
He thinks only the men can have fun, we’ll show them.
Caravan dates are scheduled for April 26, May 3 and May 17. So don’t miss out on the fun.
So now that everyone’s excited about getting started, Call Connie Arens at 254-3432 or Dawn Noecker at 254-6308 to get your packets to form your Chapter. You need a minimum of eight people,(but the more, the merrier)
Each person receives a Centennial Belles Button and certificate for the $5 fee. Dress the part, it’s lots of fun, however, you can still join with no clothes (I mean, no Centennial clothes). If you want to rent the clothes, call Amber at the Black Cat.
Let’s have some fun!!!!