Published On: Wed, May 28th, 2014

Ag valuations going up

HARTINGTON — Close to 5,000 notices showing a change in valuation will be in the mail May 30.

Owners of ag land will see an increase in valuation, said Cedar County Assessor Don Hoesing.

Hoesing said all of the ag land is going up – irrigated, dry crop and grassland. The increase is between 25-45 percent.

“Grassland is taking a big jump from where the value had been. Dry cropland is also going up a lot,” Hoesing said. “The raise for irrigated land is around 25 percent. We didn’t have very many sales on irrigated ground to work with.”

The sales from the three previous years are used to set the valuations.

The cut-off date for the sales the Assessor’s Office looked at for the 2014 values was September 2013. Sales from the three prior years were used in the analysis.

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