Published On: Thu, May 1st, 2014

County officials discuss flexible bridge signeage

HARTINGTON — A new signing project  will provide new flexible markers for use at bridge and culvert sites in counties across Nebraska.

The High Risk Rural Road Committee, which uses local road crash data from all Nebraska counties to determine local and statewide safety projects concerning bridge markers, horizontal curves on roads and intersections, proposed this initiative.

County Road Supt. Carla Schmidt said the reason this is being done is because when, for example, a piece of farm machinery, travels over bridges and culverts, they can break off the markers on the road because of the width of the equipment.

When the signs are torn off, some of these markers can be reused but others cannot. With this new system, though, the markers are flexible and on breakaway posts.

“With these new markers, when a piece of equipment goes by and hits the markers, they will bend backward but bounce back back,” Schmidt said.

She said these markers do not have to go on every bridge and culvert in the county. Each site will be evaluated as to which ones need them.

The State of Nebraska Department of Roads is in charge of the project and will be the ones distributing the markers.

The county has requested 640 object markers and mounting posts.

County officials and Schmidt are currently working on a map that will indicate the bridges and culverts in the county as well as the paperwork.

Both of these items will then be submitted to the state.

Schmidt said she figures from there, it will be at least a year before they receive the markers.