Published On: Thu, Jan 23rd, 2014

County discusses full agenda in first meeting of new year

HARTINGTON — In their first meeting of the new year, the Cedar County Board of Commissioners reorganized for 2014.

The Board elected District 3 Commissioner Dave McGregor as chairman and District 1 Commissioner Terry Pinkelman as vice chairman.

Board appointments for Districts 1, 2 and 3, as well as those for county highway superintendent/surveyor, general assistant administrator and emergency management and communications director remain the same as last year.

Appointments for part-time county emergency management, surveyor and part-time weed superintendent and zoning administrator is unchanged as well.

The Cedar County News was reappointed as the legal paper. No changes were made to the bank depositories or legal holidays.

Both the start time and days for meetings are the same as last year and the mileage rate was set at $0.56 based on information from the state auditor.

Gary Howey, Lewis & Clark NRD representative on the Northeast Nebraska RC&D District Board of Directors, asked the county to continue funding the organization.

The RC&D’s mission is to provide leadership by seeking technical and financial assistance to create new opportunities in agriculture, employment, area development and protection of the environment, according to their website.

RC&D requested $1,500 last year from the county.

The organization lost its federal funding and is currently being funded by donations, grants, tours and business and individual sponsorship.

Howey requested $2,000 from this year so the amount matches Knox County’s total, he said.

Dixon, Wayne and Antelope counties each contribute $1,500. Pierce County contributes $3,000.  The Board briefly discussed and approved it.

Finally, county officials approved Co. Highway Supt. Carla Schmidt’s move forward with purchasing a traffic counter from MetroCount, a company located in Maryland. Funds from a Nebraska Intergovernmental Risk Management Association grant will pay for half the cost, $598.

County officials have been talking about purchasing a traffic counter for some time now.

Currently, they are borrowing one from the Nebraska Local Technical Assistance Program at no charge.

The counter tallies the number of cars traveled on a particular road, but more than that, it can identify the types of cars, number of each type and other important information.

The county utilizes this counter in various ways like for studies to determine whether more signage is needed on rural roads. Schmidt said the counter should arrive in about a month.