Published On: Wed, Jan 18th, 2017

County Commissioners handle routine business at first meeting of 2017

HARTINGTON — It was business as usual at the first county commissioners meeting of 2017, and despite being a new commissioner, Craig Bartels hit the ground running.
With a routine agenda, typical beginning of the year votes were cast and new reports were given by the road supervisor and zoning supervisor.
County Road Superintendent Carla Schmidt presented good news to the commissioners, as a project for a box culvert has been approved. This project will be in conjunction with Wayne County, and is one of 22 projects approved as a part of a county bridge match program that received over 80 project proposals.
Schmidt also presented information regarding asphalt overlays on existing blacktop roads, such as in Bow Valley.
The discussion was less about whether the road needs it, because it does, and more about the consequences of potentially giving trucks access to that road if it is repaved. Currently, trucks are not allowed to drive down that road, partly because of the road conditions and partly because of the church and school right along the road.
Zoning administrator Dave Sudbeck brought four applications to the commissioners for approval.

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