Published On: Thu, Nov 14th, 2013

Village Board discusses wells, cameras

COLERIDGE — Coleridge Village board members placed their approval on the purchase of a new video system for the patrol car and discussed the costs involved in repair work for one of the village wells.

Estimates for the repair work on  village well 2000-1, which is located in an area near The Embers Assisted Living, is expected to run $12,000-$15,000.

Installing a variable frequency drive will add another $17,000.

The well has been reconditioned and work on the variable frequency drive can be completed as soon as test results are back on water samples that will be taken from the well according to Utility Superintendent Dennis Naslund.

“The other well is working fine,” Naslund said.

The price tag on the video system for the patrol will be a little over $4,900 but funds from a grant could cover 75 percent of the cost.

The video system that is currently being used in the village patrol car is obsolete according to Chairman George Hefner.

“The new system will be digital,” Hefner said.

Police Chief Darby Weller is in the process of submitting an application for a grant through the Nebraska Dept. of Roads.

“The same cameras are used in the State Patrol cars. One camera faces forward and another faces to the rear and works out well when you are transporting a prisoner,” Chief Weller said.

The nitrate level has increased at one of the city wells.

A year ago in October the nitrate level was at 8.14. The October 2013 nitrate level was up to 8.51.

It is not unusual to see the nitrate level go up in late summer or early fall according to Hefner.

“It could be a reflection of the irrigation that was done during the summer. It can go up when more water is moving,” Hefner said.

Board members took steps to reappoint Lee Cautrell to serve on the Wau-Col Advisory Board.

“He has a lot of knowledge with this,” Hefner said.

Cautrell will continue as the Certified Water Operator for Coleridge and Belden.

Cautrell’s license has been renewed for another two years.

Naslund is working toward earning his certification for Water Operator.

Board members discussed an insert that could be included in utility bills that are mailed to village residents and business owners.

The insert would include telephone numbers that should be used for non-emergency situations, emergency calls, gas leaks, power lines and other issues.

“There are problems with people understanding who to call when they need to contact the Coleridge Police Department,” Weller said. “It is printed in the paper but not everyone gets the paper.”

A list of contact numbers, along with a time frame to use the numbers will be put together and discussed at the next meeting.

“It is just a matter of educating people,” Hefner said.

The Coleridge Police Report for October was reviewed.

A request of an Ag deferral for property owned by Kerry Hefner was approved.

The Ag deferral that had been given to the previous owners of the property does not transfer with the deed.

A request has to be made by the next owners each time the property changes ownership.

The property involved is located on Douglas Street and extends west from the Gary Frerichs property, running south of the Don Heitman and Rose Mary Polak properties.