Published On: Thu, May 29th, 2014

Myer will leave behind Postmaster title after 28 years in Coleridge

Wes Myer

COLERIDGE — Wes Myer has the distinction of completing the longest term of Postmaster in the history of the Coleridge Post Office.

Myer is retiring at the end of this month after putting in over 28 years as the postmaster in Coleridge.

Another resident had been employed more than the 28-year period at the Coleridge Post Office, but had only served 27 of those as the Postmaster.

As a young boy Myer lived in Omaha; Inman, which is near O’Neill; and Tekamah, before graduating from Wayne High School.

He served four years in the Navy on an aircraft carrier that was based off the east coast at Norfolk, Va.

 Myer has worked for the U.S. Postal Service for a total of 35 years.

He started out as a letter carrier on a walking route in Norfolk where he covered between eight and 10 miles each day.

“I got plenty of exercise — in all kinds of weather,” Myer said.

Myer was appointed Postmaster at the Coleridge Post Office in January, 1986.

Myer and his wife, Ann Marie, and their children made the move from Stanton to Coleridge.

Amanda, Andrew and Philip all graduated from Coleridge High School.

Amanda and Andrew now live in Norfolk and Philip is in Sioux City.

“We enjoyed living in Coleridge. It was a good town to raise our kids in,” Myer said. “Coleridge had a good school. All of our kids went on to be become very successful.”

In 2006, Myer and his wife purchased a lot in Autumn Oaks, which is in the Lewis and Clark Lake area, and built a new house.

Some of their best friends, who had lived in Coleridge, had already made the move to the area up by the Lewis and Clark Lake.

“We love it up there. Every spring we have turkeys all over our yard. Deer run through the yard in the fall,” Myer said. “I do some hunting and fishing.”

Myer will spend his last day at the Coleridge Post Office on Friday. Cake and coffee, which will be served from 3-5 p.m., will give people a chance to stop in and say good-bye.

In June, Myer and his wife will be headed out to Estes Park for their son’s “destination” wedding.

Myer’s plans for retirement include some fishing and doing some work around the house.

“In July, I will probably be looking for a part-time job — just to have something to do,” he said.

Myer has enjoyed meeting all of the customers during the last 28 years at the Coleridge Post Office.

“I have met a lot people. There aren’t very many people that I don’t know,” Myer said. “This is one job where you get to know the people in the area.”

Myer believes the postal service provides a good service for the communities.

“It is good to have a postal presence in every town. It gives the town their identity,” Myer said. “I believe in the postal service.”

Along with Myer’s retirement some changes are on the horizon for the Coleridge Post Office.

The Coleridge Post Office could be going to a four-hour retail day in place of the current seven-hour day.

“They have been doing this in the smaller towns as the postmasters retire,” Myer said.

A series of town hall meetings will be held before the decision can become finalized according to Myer.