Published On: Thu, Jun 15th, 2017

LCC School Board considers the fate of old Coleridge gym floor

LAUREL — Decisions were made on what should be done with the three remaining chunks of the Coleridge Bulldog gym floor during Monday’s Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School Board meeting.
Board members also talked about the construction work on the west parking lot at the school in Laurel that will be underway this week. It may cause some inconvenience for people who will be using the fitness center in Laurel.

Greg Atkinson of Kansas City was part of the crew that came into the Coleridge school building to help take out the floor in the gymnasium. This was the original floor, first put in when the school was built in 1960. LCC School Board members Monday debated what should be done with the few remaining pieces of the floor.

Improvements that need to be made on the back parking lot at the LCC School in Laurel will start this week. Construction workers arrived Monday, Supt. Randall Klooz said.
Access to the fitness center will have to be made through the Learning Center and the old gym while work is being completed on the parking lot on the west side of the high school.
“Access will have to be made through the front of the school,” Klooz said. “This will not be convenient for some of the people.”
The installation of the new LCC Middle School gym floor will soon be completed.
Middle School Principal Tim Vanderheiden had talked to the construction workers.
“They think all of the floor will be done and it will be sanded by tomorrow (Tuesday).  The painters will be coming in to do the lines,” Vanderheiden said.
The old gym floor, which was removed toward the end of May, had been the original floor from when the Coleridge Community School building was constructed in 1960.
Three portions of the old gym floor that had been removed are currently being held in storage.
“Two of the chunks of the floor that were saved are approximately 15 feet by five-six feet. One piece has COLERIDGE painted on it and the other piece has BULLDOGS on it,” Vanderheiden said. “The piece that was the center court is about four by five feet.”
The decision on what should be done with the gym floor pieces needs to be made by the board members, Klooz said.
“Do you want to keep them, sell them or dispose of them? If the pieces are sold I would like to use the money for wall matts for the gym,” he said.
Two of the board members – Jay Hall and Robert Callwell – said the best option would be to sell the items.
“I think auctioning off the portions is the best bet,” Hall said.
“There had been lots of interest in pieces of the gym floor when it was being torn up a few weeks ago and placed in the dumpster by the school. After the information was placed on Facebook, there was hardly anything left in the dumpster,” Colwell said. “I think people would be interested in these pieces, also.”
Board members agreed to auction off the wood pieces that had been salvaged from the gym floor.
Contact will be made to see if it would be possible to hold an auction the same day as the community event that will be held in Coleridge July 8.
The LCC logo that will be painted on the new gym floor will be Columbia blue and Navy blue.
It will not have very much white as the white paint can get a little yellow through the years, according to Klooz.
“It will be the same size as the one on the floor at Laurel” Klooz said.
Board member Betty Jo Leapley reminded the other board members of plans that are in place for the removal of the signs on the front of the school buildings in Laurel and in Coleridge.
The silver letters spell out the school names that were in place before the consolidation had been finalized.
The public needs to be made aware or an advertisement needs to be placed before the “Laurel – Concord School” sign and the “Coleridge Community School” signs are taken down and replaced, according to Leapley.
“People might want to purchase the signs,” she said. “Sometimes when the alumni comes back or a class reunion is held, people go to the school and will have their pictures taken by the signs.”
New signs with the consolidated names of LCC School will be installed at the schools in Laurel and Coleridge.
Some questions had recently been asked about having the LCC Junior High football games at the field in Coleridge.
The decision on the location for the junior high football games had been made at the time the LCC School consolidation had been put in place, according to Klooz.
“Those games are doubled up with the Junior Varsity football games and are held in Laurel,” Klooz said. “It works better to keep them the same date otherwise there would have to be two different crews for running the chains and concessions.”
The LCC Junior High basketball and volleyball games are held at the Coleridge location.