Published On: Thu, Jul 13th, 2017

Last pieces of Coleridge gym floor prove to be valuable

COLERIDGE — The remaining pieces of the old floor in the gym at the school in Coleridge have now been sold.
Three pieces, which included the center court and the two sections from the Coleridge Bulldogs, had been set aside and stored.
It had become apparent the gym floor, which was torn out of the Coleridge School May 20 -21, was a valuable item when old Coleridge Bulldog fans started showing up with the hopes of getting some of the pieces of the wood floor.
It all happened after a message on Twitter announced the pieces of the gym floor would be placed in a dumpster outside of the gym in case anyone wanted to come and get a piece.
It turned out the dumpsters were not really needed.
The gym floor brought back a lot of happy memories for Coleridge Bulldog fans, which included former students, parents and others.
Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School board members had agreed to sell the remaining pieces of the gym floor at a live auction July 8 during the Tractor Pull held at the Coleridge Park.
An amount of $575 was paid for the section which included the word “Bulldog.” Marlin Papenhausen made the purchase for a group who has plans for placing the wood piece in a building in Coleridge.
Jeff Ebberson had the top bid of $450 for the section with the word “Coleridge.”
The piece that included the center court was purchased for $125 by Rod Benson.
Ben Vanderheiden auctioned off the wood pieces.
Supt. Randall Klooz issued a “thank you” for those who had helped with the auction.
“He did a great job,” Klooz said.
Rod Benson helped out by using his equipment to load the pieces from the gym floor onto a flatbed.
Money received from the sale will be used to support the students, Klooz said.