Published On: Thu, Aug 3rd, 2017

Kurtzhals’ Minnions stand guard at Fairgrounds

HARTINGTON —  Some Coleridge area siblings put their creative abilities to good use at this year’s Cedar County Fair.
Agnes and Michael Kurtzhals, who live northeast of Coleridge and attend Laurel-Concord-Coleridge High School, designed and constructed two minions for the Fair.
The minions stood ready to greet visitors just inside the front door at the 4-H exhibit/commercial building at the Cedar County Fair.

Michael and Agnes Kurtzhals constructed these minions for the Cedar County Fair this year. The little creatures stood guard at the Commercial Building on the fairgrounds.

The familiar one-eyed yellow and blue minions became a huge hit in the computer-animated comedy ‘Despicable Me’ films.
Agnes and Michael each used an old metal propane bottle to create the lovable creatures.
Yellow paint for the body, blue paint for the overalls featuring one pocket in the front.
“We used spray paint on the old propane bottles. We cut out stencils that were used to form the mouth, eye and the pocket and straps for the overalls,” Michael said.
“It took two days to paint the minions,” Agnes said.
Agnes and Michael were, each, awarded a blue ribbon on their creations.
Agnes and Michael have a talent for wood-carving. Michael, who has been doing some wood-carving for five-six years, had taken a class on bark carving at a workshop sponsored by the Coleridge Wood Carvers.
Michael used his knowledge for bark carving to create a little wood “shack” that has windows. A hole was drilled from the bottom up into the middle of the shack so the windows would appear to be open.
“It took me two days. I did it during the class,” Michael said. “It’s going to State.”
The bark carving earned a purple rosette ribbon and was selected for entry at the Nebraska State Fair.
Agnes had learned the techniques used for relief carving to create the wood carving she entered in the open class exhibits.
“One side of a rolling pin was cut off so it was flat. I carved the image of a head with a chef’s hat on the flat side of the rolling pin,” Agnes said.
Agnes had completed the class on relief carving during the Coleridge Wood Carvers workshop. Agnes received a Blue ribbon.
Agnes earned a rosette purple ribbon and the “Fresh Preserving Award” for her 4-H entry that included three jars of jam; apple pie, peach and plum.
Agnes had experienced some difficulty while making the jam.
“I had trouble getting it to set because of the high humidity,” she said. “I added more pectin and boiled it for another minute.”
The jam was selected as a State Fair exhibit.
Two of Agnes other entries will also be sent to the Nebraska State Fair: a crocheted blanket, which won a top award, and a photo featuring a road in rural Nebraska.
Michael had two entries in photography and had baked oatmeal cookies for the food division which received a blue ribbon. He had shot photos of rural Nebraska which was the theme for 2017. Michael entered bundles of alfalfa in the 4-H exhibits and red clover in the open class exhibits. A Champion rosette ribbon was posted on Michael’s red clover.