Published On: Thu, Apr 20th, 2017

Area women bring quilts to life at The Embers

Mary Shefl shows off one of the quilts she made during a recent exhibition at The Embers in Coleridge, where 13 quilts were recently on display for area residents to view and discuss.

COLERIDGE — Quilts recently brought back some warm memories for residents at The Embers Assisted Living facility.
A group of ladies from the Coleridge area shared their love for quilting with the residents earlier this month.
The quilters brought close to 13 finished quilts to show off during the evening.
Each quilt was unique.
The show included a medley of quilt block patterns and colors. Some quilts were hand stitched while others had been quilted with a machine. Quilts can be a variety of shapes and sizes: those just the right size for a bed along with the smaller versions made for lap quilts and wall hangings.
Vicky Gullicksen has been enthused about quilting for over ten years. Some of her first sewing projects, which began a number of years ago, involved crocheting baby quilts.
Gullicksen displayed two of her quilts at the Embers. One was stitched together with rail fence quilt blocks; the other one was a mystery quilt.
“With the mystery quilts, you don’t know what it will be until you are done,” Gullicksen said. “I love doing those.”
Diane Wemhoff, who has been quilting for 25-plus years, brought two of her quilts: one featuring a hunting theme and another with wildflowers in the colors of burgundy and green.
Throughout the show, each quilt was displayed separately as the quilters shared some information about her quilt.
Some provided the name of the quilt pattern or told how they picked the colors. Others talked about using a special color scheme or how they got their idea for the quilt they had made. There are also a variety of quilt kits that can be purchased for making a quilt.
Some of the ladies had participated in a “quilt hop,” according to Wemhoff.
“You make a stop at a number of different stores and collect a quilt square from each store to make a quilt,” she said.
A few of the residents at The Embers had experience with quilting and had made a number of quilts themselves.
Myrna Collins had stitched together close to 150 quilts through the years. Most of the quilts had been given to others.
Loretta Hahn, is another resident, who has a history of making lots of quilts.
The quilting was done by hand.
Hahn still does some sewing in her apartment at The Embers.
The group of quilters from the Coleridge area get together several times during the year, according to Nancy Hansen, who also has a love for quilting.
Summer months are usually too busy to meet.
The ladies meet for approximately an hour and spend time talking about quilting.
Sometimes one of the ladies might provide some sewing tricks that can be used or share some other advice on quilting. At other gatherings the ladies just show the quilting project on which she is currently working.
“We aren’t organized and the group does not have a name,” Hansen said. “We just enjoy quilting.”
The quilters who took time to share their creations with the residents at The Embers included Kathy Brummels, Lynnel Fiscus, Vicky Gullicksen, Julie Hefner, Lisa Papenhausen, Marilyn Puppe, Mary Shefl along with Wemhoff and Hansen.