Published On: Wed, Jan 25th, 2017

Bldg. permit decline reflects a slowing ag economy

HARTINGTON — A decrease in Cedar County building permits seems to reflect a slowdown of the ag economy here.
When ag land sales took a jump, along with the prices farmers could get for corn and soybeans a few years ago – the number of applications for the construction of farm buildings also increased.
The number of building permits for grain bins in Cedar County in 2010 was close to 70, which is a large number of permits when compared with the 10 permits secured for the construction of bins in 2016.
The number of applications for permits for buildings used for hay storage in 2010 was over double the number of permits filed for the same type of buildings in 2016.
The number of permits for farm buildings, which included sheds, shops, pole buildings and storage buildings, in 2010 was just over 85. Less than 20 applications for the same type of buildings were filed here in 2016.
One type of ag building did see an increase last year, although it was a slight increase. The number of permits for hog buildings in 2016 came in higher than applications made in 2010 for the construction of hog facilities. Eight permits, which included, two gestation, two finishing and two farrowing buildings, along with one nursery and one portable building were approved in 2016. In 2010, there were two permits involving hog buildings.

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