Published On: Wed, May 22nd, 2013

Area salute to troops keeps on growing

BELDEN — An area in the southern part of Cedar County being used to honor American soldiers will soon be spruced up and ready for Memorial Day.

A spot on the south side of Hwy 20 between Belden and Laurel has been set aside to honor the fallen soldiers that served in the 189th Army National Guard Transportation Company.

For the past eight years volunteers have been maintaining the memorial which honors the soldiers of the 189th along with the 73 soldiers and one K-9 dog who all lost their lives while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The site receives special attention right before Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

There will also be new additions at the memorial this year, according to Belden resident, Kenny Hintz.

“We will fly flags from all 50 states. The flags will be set out right before Memorial Day and then again for the Fourth of July,” Hintz said. “We will be going out to mow and clean up the area ahead of Memorial Day. The flags that have been out there have to be pulled up and replaced and we will redo the flowers.”

Volunteers maintain the area used for the memorial throughout the year.

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