Published On: Wed, Feb 1st, 2017

1917: Cedar County Schools pass ‘Standardized’ test

Throwback Thursday

Feb. 9, 1917

HARTINGTON — Sanitary conditions in the rural schools in Cedar County are very good, states I.N. Clark, rural school inspector.

Mr. Clark was called to the county for the purpose of standardizing several of the rural schools, and as a result of his visit, three schools in the county are considered standard.

The sanitary conditions in the schools which he inspected were on a par with the town schools, he said.

The three schools which have been placed on the standardized list are: Fairview, District 44, which had a score of 86; Meadow Grove, District 52, which scored 81, and Pearl Creek, District 48, scored 89.

Although only three schools qualified for standardization, all the other schools visited are almost eligible, lacking but one point of the minimum requirement and it is believed this will be met before the end of the year.

There are a number of other schools which could meet the requirements, the main thing being the lighting.

The minimum requirements for standardization are:

A full nine-month’s term,

Teacher must be a holder of a county first grade certificate.

School grounds must be kept in good shape.

School building and out buildings must be kept in sanitary condition and complying with the laws.

The school must have a good well on the school grounds or nearby.

The school must have single desks of suitable size and 15 square feet of floor space for each pupil.

The room must be lighted from the left or left rear with the window area equivalent to one-fifth of the floor space for each pupil.

Building must have an approved method of heating with 200 cubic feet of air space for each child.

The school must have up-to-date equipment and textbooks.

The school must use sanitary methods of cleaning.

A school which can pass these requirements with a 75 will be placed on the standardized list.

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